Order processing steps in multi restaurant ordering system

 Order processing steps in multi restaurant  ordering system

Order processing is a method to utilize the resources to improve the service quality of multi restaurant online food ordering system. This is a multi-stage process with several steps. Consumer's fulfillment is the key factor in the order processing.

Hungry client :

Once upon a time, if any person felt hungry, they would prepare the food or search a good hotel for eating. Smartphone eases the searching process in this golden era. Hungry client uses mobile application to find the best eating houses. Tasty foods and offers are displayed in the web page. Client chooses his favorite recipe and complete the order placement.

Order confirmation :

Food preparation partner of multi restaurant online food ordering system receives client's request in their dashboard. It has client name, address, phone number, recipe list, quantity and other instructions. The hotel confirms the request and it starts food preparation. If any resources are not available or out of the stock, then the hotel has an option to reject the request.

Selection of dispatch executive :

After getting the confirmation message from the eating house, the system prepares the list of eligible dispatch executives. It calculates the distance between the hotel and executive's current place. It shortlists nearby executives for dispatch. It makes productivity analysis for finalizing the appropriate dispatch executive and assigns him for the particular order.

Completion of food preparation :

Eating houses have predefined time for food preparation. If they receive huge orders, food preparation will take additional minutes. Prepared foods will be sent to the packing department. After completing the packing work, the admin staff updates food ready status in the restaurant dashboard. The system sends an instant notification about the order status to dispatch executive.

Dispatch agent's first mile :

After the order confirmation, the dispatch agent will get the order details on his mobile application. He confirms the order in mobile application. He goes to respective hotel to receive the recipe. If he reaches the location, he confirms his arrival in his mobile application. An immediate notification about his current place is shared with the consumer and hotel. If he rejects the order, the system searches for another dispatch agent.

Food picked-up status :

Delivery agent confirms the recipes and starts his travel to consumers place. If the cafe misses any recipe, he will communicate with cafe staffs. When the delivery agent starts his journey, He updates food picked-up status in his mobile application.

Dispatch agent's last mile :

The dispatch agent travels with the help of GPS enabled tracking system. After he reaches to consumer's place, he updates the current status in his mobile app. He made a voice call to consumer with the help of mobile application to intimate his arrival.

Delivery completion :

Customer receives the recipes from the dispatch agent at his doorsteps. If he chooses cash payment mode, he will give the cash to dispatch agent. Dispatch agent updates about cash collection in his mobile application. Thus, the agent completes the dispatch and rescue the client from hungry.

Customer Ratings :

Star ratings or smiley is used to understand the customer's feelings. When the delivery agent gets good ratings from the customer, then some of multi restaurant online food ordering system provides bonus amount to delivery agents. These ratings are helpful to improve the business.