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Did you know that a smart mobile app can be improve your business growth? With More end customers and business users access the smart mobile apps for instant messaging, online ordering, online bill payments, booking tickets etc., Its right time to invest and develop the mobile app for your business growth and acquire more customers.

  • Android App Development

    Android App Development

    Android could be otherwise mentioned as the universal operating system of today. It is supported in almost 80% of the smartphones and has shaped better and better on every update it undergoes. This presence has attracted businesses and many are eager to get their very own Android App done.

    Why Kopatech The best part with Android Apps are their user friendly and versatile nature. Kopatech with the set of expert developers develop apps which is in par with the latest updates that meets the expectations of the clients. The first step in our process of creating the Android Applications is to have an incisive research and apply the tools and technologies. This helps us to shape up a customized, powerful application which are scalable across any Android device. Kopatech also offers android development services in a global basis.

  • iPhone App Development

    iPhone App Development

    iPhone application is best known for their innovation and creative design implemented during every single upgrade. Creating the application for this iOS version is an art that needs to be mustered. Now the current generation are picking up the pace for the iphone apps and a single user has an average of 37 apps in a single device compared to 22 in case of Android.

    This fact has encouraged businesses to enhance their growth through this platform but the quality is utmost important. Graphic designs needs to be implemented with at most perfection otherwise the usage of the app almost diminishes. Kopatech has great set of iPhone app developers who are in pair with the guidelines of the iOS and thereby develop a great user interface. Frameworks, thematic structures along with the UI/UX also plays an important role for developing your iPhone application and we make sure the best is delivered every single time

  • iPad App Development

    iPad App Development

    iPad today is one of the massively adopted among the people owing to its UI and ease in use compared to the desktop and other set of mobile devices. This trend has also hit the enterprise market as well as enterprise, game and educational apps all do well in this platform

    As there is constant improvements and updates in the app store there is always need to be updated towards the new happenings. Our team of developers implement them in a great manner which makes your iPad app to be polished, flawless which meets the standards of a great iPad application.

  • Cross Platform App Development

    Cross Platform Mobile Development

    Cross platform mobile applications are crucial for any business today. This is mainly because of the great number of apps being introduced every day across the android, iOS and windows platforms.

    We make sure that all the apps coded once run on the multiple mobile platforms with ease. Every mobile device has its own screen and resolution. We bring out designs that bring in the best UI navigation and the user experience similar to that of the native mobile applications. Our hybrid set of apps suits any type of industry whether a start-up or an enterprise in the most affordable manner.

  • Windows App Development

    Windows App Development

    Windows phone is one of the popular set of smartphone today and is mainly known for its performance. Ever since its introduction in September, 2010 Kopatech has been putting up incessant research towards the development of its SDK and have really mastered this skill.

    With the help of our expert developers who are in par with the latest development techniques of windows app development we have created many successful application that have helped out to a great extent. This is done with the effective use of Windows Mobile App Developer tools which brought in applications that are user friendly and suits the best for all your windows app development

  • BlackBerry App Development

    BlackBerry App Development

    Blackberry Phone can be otherwise known as the business phone as it very useful for multi-tasking. It easy to use interface, robotic and tailored on the go business applications have made Blackberry Applications popular among the business people. Our expertise set of developers have great experience in developing Blackberry Applications using JSME and Blackberry MDS.

    This gave us the aerial root towards developing best Blackberry Applications with features such as GPS navigation, push data and streaming media that extends the services of your business. Also Kopatech create the best Blackberry App Solutions that is most specific to your sector and business requirement there in helping your business to grow better and faster.

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