Online Food Ordering System

Including full source code.

Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System for Simplified Delivery Experience

Unlock app development possibilities with our customizable source code and build an online food ordering system. Our comprehensive service package ensures seamless integration with your website.

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Branded Restaurant Website

Entrench your restaurant's online presence with your website and ordering application integration. Take customer experience to new heights with an exclusive online food ordering system tailored to your brand.

Food Ordering System

Responsive Design

Thrill stakeholder experience with responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing pleasure across all devices. From desktops to smartphones, our design adapts perfectly, maximizing accessibility and usability for your customers.

Powerful Cart and Secure Checkout

Optimize the ordering process with our cart and secure checkout module. Customers can easily update items, provide instructions, choose delivery addresses, tip drivers, redeem coupons, and select preferred payment methods.

Flexible Payment

Versatility in payment methods in our online ordering system integrates multiple options including cash on delivery and popular mobile wallets, ensuring convenience and flexibility for customers.

Customizable Menu Items

Put power in your customers’ hands with customizable menu options. From selecting portion sizes to adding toppings and extras, our system allows for personalized orders, providing satisfaction and personalization.

Customer Mobile App

Revolutionize your restaurant's presence with our cutting-edge scalable mobile apps. Our Food Ordering System app empowers digital ordering and payment, elevating the customer experience for enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Mobile App

Branded Customer Mobile apps

Boost your brand's reach with our branded custom mobile apps, available on both iPhone and Android. Deployed with your company's name and logo on app stores, enhancing accessibility for customers.

Real-time Order Status

Enthuse the customer experience with real-time order tracking and keep them informed every step of the way, from order acceptance to food preparation, dispatch, and delivery, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

Instant Push Notification

Keep customers informed at every stage with instant push notifications. Give updates on status changes, acceptance, and dispatch. Plus, keep customers aware of new offers and discounts with timely notifications.

Real-time Driver Location

Keep every stakeholder informed of delivery in real-time with our live map feature. Easily monitor driver location, communicate with them, and ensure coordination for a smooth and reliable delivery experience.

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Admin Dashboard and Restaurant Settings

Energize your restaurant's management with our intuitive admin dashboard and customizable settings. Effortlessly manage orders, menus, promotions, and more to optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Admin Dashboard and  Restaurant Settings

Delivery Zone Settings

Define precise delivery zones with our online food ordering system's customizable map polygons. Admins can add multiple zones, ensuring customers can conveniently order food within designated delivery areas.

Food Menu Management

Our system makes menu management a breeze. Admins can add, edit, and organize menu items, control availability, designate types (veg/vegan), specify sizes and add-ons, and showcase enticing food images.

Powerful Restaurant Settings

Powerful restaurant management setting for comprehensive control. From defining the physical location and minimum order amounts to setting operating hours, taxes, and preparation times, our system offers holistic support.

Reports and Analytics

Gain insights with comprehensive timeframe-defined reports and analytics. Access order, delivery, and customer data with customizable timeframes, supported by intuitive graphical dashboards for informed decision-making and business optimization.

Order Management App

Optimize order handling with our Order Management/Restaurant App, designed for restaurant admins. Seamlessly manage orders, track deliveries, and maintain efficiency within your online food ordering system.

Restaurant Order Management App

New Order Notification

Update order position with instant notifications. Our system alerts restaurants with sound notifications, allowing them to confirm orders with updated schedules or reject orders with reasons.

All Orders Management - Order Processing

Efficiently process orders from start to end. Manage order stages including processing, food readiness, dispatch, and completion. Validate orders and dispatch them promptly for smooth delivery operations within the system.

Restaurant Online and Offline Settings

Easily manage restaurant availability with online/offline settings. Admins control when customers can place orders online. During peak hours or when unable to fulfill orders, mark the restaurant offline for non-availability.

Restaurant Open and Close Time

Set precise opening and closing times for your restaurant. Customers can order during operational hours. Customize multiple open/close times and toggle full-day closures as needed, ensuring flexibility and accuracy.

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Food Delivery App

Grow your delivery service with our Delivery App for drivers. Economize route navigation, order management, and communication, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries within your ordering system.

Food Delivery App

Instance Notification for Order Status

Ensure real-time updates for drivers within our Online Food Ordering System. Instant notifications alert drivers to new orders, updates, and cancellations, optimizing delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Proof of Delivery

Provide proof of delivery with our system. Capture delivery images, and notes, and ensure delivery within a location. All proofs are securely managed within the dispatch system for accurate record-keeping.

Route Navigation

Efficiently navigate delivery routes with our system. Optimize routes, and ensure timely deliveries, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction within the ordering system.

Easy Customer Communication

Connect drivers and customers effortlessly. Our system facilitates easy interaction through in-app chat messages, SMS, and phone calls, ensuring seamless communication for enhanced delivery experiences.

More Features

Fully-loaded Feature-rich Online Food Ordering System

  • Dispatch System Integration

    Integrate current dispatch systems with our platform for seamless order management and delivery coordination, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

    Delivery Tips

    Encourage customers to tip drivers during checkout, with options for predefined or custom tip amounts, enhancing driver appreciation and satisfaction.

    Dynamic Preparation Time

    Restaurants can customize preparation times for each order and update delivery times. Enhance customer experience with accurate order tracking and adjusted delivery estimates.

    Minimum Cart Value

    Ensure orders meet minimum requirements with dynamic minimum cart values. Customize minimum order amounts based on delivery locations for optimal flexibility.

    SMS and Email gateway Integration

    Integrate SMS gateway for customer validation and order notifications. Easily integrate any third-party email gateway or use your SMTP for email validation.

    Multilingual and RTL Support

    Cater to diverse audiences with multilingual and RTL support. Choose from multiple regional languages, set defaults, and accommodate right-to-left languages.

  • Unlimited Menus and Orders

    Load with limitless menus and orders on your online food ordering system. No restrictions on orders, menus, customers, or drivers.

    Manage CMS page

    Control all content with our CMS page feature, empowering easy updates and customization for your ordering system.

    Discount Coupon

    Easily offer discounts with our coupon feature. Customers can redeem coupons for savings on their orders.

    Customer Wallet

    Give customers the power of a digital wallet for payments and enhance convenience within the system.

    All-in-one solution

    Comprehensive, all-in-one solutions streamlined operations, offering convenience and efficiency for diverse needs within a single platform.

    Third-party Integrations

    Integrate third-party plugins, APIs, payment gateways, maps, delivery services, SMS, SMTP gateways, and more for enhanced functionality.

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Our food ordering system is tailored for restaurants seeking to upgrade their operations with our sophisticated ordering system. Ordering, delivery, and more effortlessly with our intuitive platform is our selling pitch.

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