7 Must-have Features in On Demand Food Delivery Apps and Online Ordering System

 7 Must-have Features in On Demand Food Delivery Apps and Online Ordering System

The way restaurants, hotels and eateries operate around the world has changed dramatically. Diners in busy cities want food delivered at their doorsteps in as little as 30 minutes are even fewer. While restaurants can easily build production and packing capacities by adding more kitchen equipment, delivering it seamlessly within a time-frame is a complex process that is difficult to achieve and sustain.

Get the App Advantage

The silver lining to what is seemingly a tough work in restaurant business is that you can use food delivery app to streamline the entire process beginning from displaying your menu up to delivering it to the customer and receiving the payment. An online ordering system for your restaurant, will dramatically make your restaurant easily accessible to diners, increase your revenue manifold and even lessen the need for dining space that sell for a premium.

Not All Apps Same

All food delivery apps are not the same, so when you contemplate an Online Food Ordering System for your restaurant/eatery business, think in terms of not only giving your business a unique advantage, but also giving your customers a memorable experience that will convert them into loyal patrons. Your food delivery app is therefore your brand ambassador and must have all the trending features built into it.

Here are 7 must-have features in your On Demand Food Delivery Apps

1. Auto Dispatch - Optimizing delivery boy resources should be top priority and your systems should be able to assign a job automatically without human intervention. This means matching the delivery location with the drivers’ location so that they travel less and save time.

2. Real-time Driver Location Tracking - Customers, we know are always anxious about receiving their orders on time. A real-time tracking system such as on Google Maps Navigation puts controls in the hands of your customers that they love.

3. Distance and Estimated Time for Delivery info for customers - This feature allows customers to know when exactly they will receive their orders and where exactly the dispatch is at any given time. It builds confidence that food is on the way.

4. Ratings and Review - No dynamic business can afford to remain stagnant and the best way to stay ahead is in understanding your customers like the lines on your palm. Real-time ratings and reviews offer the means to innovate and improve services. It will make your restaurant unique and build loyalty.

5. Reports and Analysis - Planning ahead is critical to any business and this is also true in the restaurant business. Automated reporting and analytical reports help you do this and more. It helps you to calculate commission payouts for drivers, incentivise hard work, conscript more drivers; increase/decrease workload and overall fine tune the delivery system.

6. Locate Hot spot - Hotspot are places that high potentials for sales and when you have this information, you can move drivers, delivery points and even establish new POS to increase sales. Generally this will give a cascading effect for higher profitability.

7. Multiple Delivery Job - Making multiple deliveries has its own advantages in which a single driver can handle more customers at the same time. It not only save money – it brings bigger profits too.

Talk to us today to start building your dream Online Ordering System. We know exactly how the food delivery system works.

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