How does the order verification process of multi restaurant delivery software work?

 How does the order verification process of multi restaurant delivery software work?

Restaurants, consumers, drivers and mobile apps are the major players in multi restaurant delivery software. Consumer places an online order request from one part of the city. Software assigns dispatch agent from same or other regions of the city. New employees of the eatery are assigned for packing and dispatch work. The persons involved in the order verification process are unknown to each other. If order verification is happening effectively, recipe will be delivered on-time for the consumer. If the verification fails at any stage, then delivery process will be delayed. Both dispatch agent and the consumer will face issues in the delivery. The stages of the order verification process is as follows.

Eating house checks the ingredients: 

If consumer places his order, eating house will get a notification through the software. Eating house should verify ingredient availability and update preparation status with the software. If it is not possible to prepare the recipe for various reasons include non-availability of ingredients, huge workloads and unexpected absence of staffs, then the eating house should reject the order.

Hotel staff verifies the driver: 

If preparation of food item is completed by the hotel, then they will update the order status in software. Many drivers come to eatery for collecting the recipe. The employee of the eatery should confirm the driver for a particular order with order number or one time password. If the driver's reply matches with eatery's data, then the eatery staff will hand over food parcel to him.

Delivery agent confirms the recipe: 

The delivery agent should verify the recipes with order details on his mobile app, and he collects it from the hotel. Mobile application won't allow him to select 'order pick-up' option without confirming recipes. If a wrong food parcel is received by the driver, It will lead to unnecessary time waste for him. So, they should be cautious during the collection of the parcel.

Driver verifies the customer: 

Once delivery partner reaches to the customer's location, he made a voice call to the customer for verification. If a driver sees customer, he will ask the shopper name and whether he requests recipe from the particular hotel. If he satisfied with the customer's reply, then he will deliver the food parcel to the consumer.

Customer identifies the delivery partner:

Once multi restaurant delivery software assigns driver, customer view his mobile number in online. Customer made a voice call to driver to know the order status. The customer tracks the driver's current location with the help of GPS enabled tracking system in the software.

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