How Modern Food Delivery Apps Help Restaurants and Cloud Kitchens Streamline Supply Process

 How Modern Food Delivery Apps Help Restaurants and Cloud Kitchens Streamline Supply Process

Multi Restaurant Delivery Software is an essential tool for keeping tight control over drivers. The software is simple to use and users can master all features effortlessly. No special training is required either. It is multi-device-compatible software and can be used on tablets or mobile phones.


Here are ten features that every restaurant delivery team will love to have.


1. Route Navigation

Modify the original route allotted and help drivers to navigate efficiently when they are in the middle of a delivery task. This will help the driver to pick up more food packs from multiple points and service many customers by traveling a minimum distance. The advantage is drivers can be multi-tasked.


2. Auto Dispatch the Delivery

Schedule dispatching tasks to drivers automatically with the Multi Restaurant Delivery Software. The software will match the driver's location to pick up points with the customer's location. The app uses an AI algorithm and optimizes maximum scheduling for each driver.

3. Batch Order / Joint Order

Schedule multiple deliveries to drivers while they are on a different delivery task. It will save the driver from repeated journeys to customers who may all be located in the neighborhood. This will save fuel consumption and at the same time result in faster food deliveries.

4. Proof of Delivery (POD)

Get proof of delivery as soon as an assignment is completed by the driver. The app can take snapshots and store them. The Multi Vendor Food Delivery App also supports virtual customer signatures on the screen. This will ensure that the driver has complied with all pandemic safety procedures. It is ideally the best for doorstep delivery or third-person unattended delivery request.


5. Monitor Driver Performance

Monitor your diver's performance and rate them for competence, efficiency, and good conduct. The app provides customer reviews of drivers also. The history feature can be used in multiple ways to understand customer reactions.

6. Live Delivery Tracking

Automatic live real-time tracking of drivers and delivery process. This feature makes it easy for restaurant delivery administrators to tell the lazy drivers from an active drivers. Using geo-supported technologies, the admin can track lazy drivers and assign work. The app records the estimated time that drivers take for a typical delivery. It is also best suited for providing drivers pickup details precisely and automatically.

7. Last Mile Delivery Charge Calculation

Calculate last-mile delivery charges based on parameters fixed by the admin. The app uses advanced technology such as GPRS making it possible to automatically increase or decrease delivery-related charges to the customers. The app feature is ideally suited for sending a quote to a customer located in a remote location.

8. Shortest Path Algorithm

Optimize and find the shortest route for timely delivery of customer orders. This feature will unburden the drivers from getting caught in traffic snarls and delaying delivery. Based on complex algorithms such as traffic density and road capacity, the app can automatically calculate the best-route condition and provide feedback to the driver.

9. Driver Arrival Alert

Driver-status feature for greater control over drivers. Driver app has the geo-fencing ability. This feature can be applied to drivers to stop them from dishonest reporting about their current location. Geo-fencing not only protects the restaurant admin from wrong location reporting but also ensures that customers are not put to hardships due to drivers’ dishonesty.

10. Cash on Delivery Orders

Fail-proof cash on delivery feature in Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App. This feature ensures that drivers report all cash collections to the restaurant honestly. The app automatically records all cash on delivery supplies to the drivers properly. This eliminates fraud 100%. This feature comes in handy for calculating the driver’s salary and other incentives automatically.

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