Last mile delivery challenges in multi restaurant ordering system

 Last mile delivery challenges in multi restaurant ordering system

Delivery challenges in last-mile affect the efficiency of multi restaurant online ordering system as well as the rider. Meal ordering procedure, order acceptance by the cafe, allotment of a rider for a particular order, driver's journey towards eating house and completion of meal preparation are multiple stages of meal dispatch that are not sensitive to foodies. Foodies are calm during these stages. If the rider picks-up a meal, the customer's curiosity increases to taste it. If there is any delay in the last mile of meal delivery, Consumers lose their temper very easily.

Address Issue: When foodies order a meal by using personal computer or mobile, they should choose their exact location in google map. Dispatch executives are traveling to give meal at foodie's place with the help of google-map. Few foodies give exact addresses in text format, and they select an inaccurate location in google map to deliver the meal. After the driver reaches the dispatch location, he or foodie identifies the location mismatch. The driver updates the incorrect address in his mobile app. Customer care executive confirms it with consumer and updating the exact place to the driver which would take additional time for dispatch. It makes unnecessary delay and creates customer dissatisfaction.

Route change: Riders see the name of the eatery and area of foodie while confirming a meal order. They start the journey as per their previous experience. Experienced riders know very well about route and travel without a map. There is a chance of route change depends on traffic, weather and political conditions on a particular day. If the rider knows about this route change at a later stage, then he will take more time for completing the dispatch. It affects on-time meal dispatch and creates a joyless eating experience for foodies.

Speed: When a foodie is hungry, he requests a meal from a multi restaurant online ordering system. He follow GPS enabled tracking system to know the rider's current location. Customers expect lightning speed in the meal dispatch. Heavy traffic and any other delay in eating house frustrate the foodies, and they made frequent phone calls to the rider for quick delivery. If this unpleasant incident happens to foodies, then they won't order again using the same ordering system.

Last-minute confusion: If a foodie's place is in a remote area, then the rider identifies the location quickly. When a rider gets request in a most densely populated city, there may be more chances for confusion to identify the location of foodie. Riders are calling foodie for knowing the exact place. Majority of foodies are replying with unknown routes which causes delay. Many foodies don't know nearby landmarks in the present era. They are saying about the color and size of the building to the driver repeatedly that is confusing riders to identify in the densely populated area. This last-minute confusion develops stress for both foodies and drivers.

Unavailability of foodie: Rider reaches the place of foodie by using map assistance. If he finds a locked door or security guard who wouldn’t accept the meal, then he would return it in the dispatch hub of the food-tech company. If the rider manages on-time dispatch after all efforts and the foodie is unavailable at his location, then the rider will be unhappy and which affects his performance.